President's Message
Even though we are officially in a new year, in the world of education, the new year is typically July 1 (or the first day of our contract). One of the best parts of having two "New Years" is we have double the opportunity to make changes, improve our practices, and reposition our compass.

I remember returning from breaks as a teacher thinking about ways to better engage my students, provide a more realistic real-world experience, and telling myself I would be better organized and do grades daily/weekly rather than wait until the box was full. Now as an administrator, I think about how I can better support my teachers and staff, which will intern, allow them to focus more on their job: teaching!

No matter where we are in our career of Education, we always know there are ways to improve, learn, and grow. Being a member of Career Technical Educators of Idaho, your peers get to learn from you through conferences, networking, and engaging in committee work. As teams in our profession we can work together, providing a more solidified voice to our constituents, showing the repeated success of our labor as professionals and the key we provide to the workforce needs.

Happy New Year!

Clay Long
CTEI President
Thank you!
On behalf of ICEV, thank you to all of our CTE Professionals for the dedication and commitment to building the next generation of skilled workers.

Feburary is CTE Month
Mark your calendars for the month of February to promote, encourage, and support Career Technical Education and the value it provides to our future workforce.

To kick-off CTE Month, the Idaho Career-Technical Education Foundation will host its annual Student Day at the Legislature (SDAL). Your CTEI Board will meet the same day (January 31st) to re-introduce Career Technical Educators of Idaho to both the House and Senate Education Committees, participate in SDAL, hold a Board meeting, and host our 2nd Quarterly Roundtable with Idaho CTE Leadership.

If you have anything you'd like to have CTEI address with ICTE leadership during our Roundtable, please let your Board representative know. The goal of our Quarterly Roundtables is to aid in the continual feedback from the field to the division.
CTEI Committee Work - Charges/Members Announced
The hard-work has officially begun!! To learn more about the Committee Charges and the members of each committee, please click the committee name. If you're interested and did not have a chance to sign-up, please contact the committee chair.
  • Awards/Recognition Committee (Debra Guinn, Chair): What better way to help CTEI than to engage in the acknowledgement and recognition of our members and the amazing work they are doing? 
  • By-Laws Committee (Mindy Pals, Chair): This committee reviews our By-Laws and provides recommendations for amendments during our Annual Meeting at REACH. 
  • Conference Committee (Tom Bandolin, Chair): The REACH Conference and Tech Expo Committee will provide opportunities for CTEI Members to foster professional development through workshops and presentations, as well as networking with other CTE professionals and technical industry experts. Join the committee that leads this work. 
  • Finance Committee (Cindy Arnzen, Chair): The Finance Committee produces and presents the annual budget for board approval, supervises all expenditures, and ensures CTEI is financially stable.
  • Legislative Committee (Lex Godfrey, Chair): The purpose and charge of the legislative committee is to inform membership of legislative issues. Additionally the committee advocates for legislative and regulatory positions that support, enhance and recognize the value of career and technical education.  
  • Membership Committee (Robert Hale/Shannon Holt, Chairs: Help guide us in ways to recruit membership and ensure we provide the services our membership desires. 
  • Nominating Committee (Ivak Cooper, Chair): Be part of the committee who identifies and brings nominations forth for the CTEI Executive Committee.
  • Professional Development Committee (Robert Hale, Chair): As the focus for our membership, Professional Development opportunities are critical to CTEI's success, but how do we best provide these to all of our membership? Engage in the conversation on how to provide PD to all membership.
  • Public Relations Committee (Dr. Brenda Jacobsen, Chair): Join in the work to spread the message about the great work CTEI is doing and the success and achievements of our membership.
Idaho CTE Priorities
Interested in some facts of Idaho as they related to Career & Technical Education? Check-out ACTE's Idaho 2018 Fact Sheet. This document highlights some data and programs that were recognized last year for exemplary performance.

As we begin the 2018 Legislative session, review Idaho CTE's priorities to learn about the requests presented to the Legislature by the Governor's office.

Professional Development Opportunities - Reminder
February 5-7, 2018 The conference for IT and instructional educational professionals in Idaho.

February 15-19, 2018 Western Business Education Association the regional conference for Business and Marketing teachers, Family & Consumer Science teachers and CTE Administrators, Boise.
Officer Contact Information
Contact your Association Representative or a member of the Career & Technical Educators of Idaho Board and check-out the CTEI website .
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If you'd like to have something included in this monthly communication,
please contact Dr. Brenda Jacobsen , Chair of the Public Relations Committee.

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