President's Message
We will! Last month I shared the importance of engaging in the Career Technical Educators of Idaho's (CTEI) Committee work and signing-up to be on one of the committees. The submission system closed yesterday and I'm pleased to share we have over 50 individuals who have agreed to share their wisdom and experience to make your teacher association better! Over 80% of those who signed-up have never served on a CTEI Committee.

Sometimes we question our ability to truly make an impact with what we bring to the table-feeling that we don't have enough experiences or understanding to engage in committee work or being a leader within CTEI or our teacher associations. There is never the "right" individual or exact experience being sought for involvement, simply someone who is willing to give-up some time to help better their profession.

As we begin December, prepare for winter break and a new year, I challenge each of you to set two professional goals. Whether these goals include increasing your CTSO membership or complete a class you're currently taking, it's important to continue growing and learning as an educational leader. Seek some opportunities to engage and give-back to help ensure new teachers have a better experience launching their new career than you did.

Enjoy a safe and happy holiday season!

Clay Long
CTEI President
CTEI Committee Work
Between November 17 and 30th, you were asked to sign-up for one or more CTEI Committees to engage in the work being done to better your Association. If you're interested and did not have a chance to sign-up, please contact the Chair for the committee:
  • Awards/Recognition Committee (Debra Guinn, Chair): What better way to help CTEI than to engage in the acknowledgement and recognition of our members and the amazing work they are doing? 
  • By-Laws Committee (Mindy Pals, Chair): This committee reviews our By-Laws and provides recommendations for amendments during our Annual Meeting at REACH. 
  • Conference Committee (Tom Bandolin, Chair): The REACH Conference and Tech Expo Committee will provide opportunities for CTEI Members to foster professional development through workshops and presentations, as well as networking with other CTE professionals and technical industry experts. Join the committee that leads this work. 
  • Legislative Committee (Lex Godfrey, Chair): The purpose and charge of the legislative committee is to inform membership of legislative issues. Additionally the committee advocates for legislative and regulatory positions that support, enhance and recognize the value of career and technical education.  
  • Membership Committee (Robert Hale/Shannon Holt, Chairs: Help guide us in ways to recruit membership and ensure we provide the services our membership desires. 
  • Nominating Committee (Ivak Cooper, Chair): Be part of the committee who identifies and brings nominations forth for the CTEI Executive Committee.
  • Professional Development (Robert Hale, Chair): As the focus for our membership, Professional Development opportunities are critical to CTEI's success, but how do we best provide these to all of our membership? Engage in the conversation on how to provide PD to all membership.
  • Public Relations Committee (Dr. Brenda Jacobsen, Chair): Join in the work to spread the message about the great work CTEI is doing and the success and achievements of our membership.
Member Spotlight:
Debra Guinn (2017 Secondary Teacher of the Year)
Name :
Debra Guinn aka Chef Guinn
Teaching Area:
Culinary Arts
(Family & Consumer Sciences)
Idaho Center for Advanced Technology (Nampa School District)
How long have you been teaching?
 11 years
Are you from industry? Yes; national sales manager for West-Coast division of Wilson-Jones Corporation.
What do you enjoy most about your job? Seeing the student’s work come to fruition.
Why would you encourage a new teacher to engage in their teacher association? In the world of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) it provides a more diverse and extensive group of individuals to absorb and learn from. Within the culinary industry, I have colleagues attending the same meetings, so it is good to visit at those larger scale events to share classroom best practices and additional opportunities for students. It allows for me to part of a little family of my peers who understand the program area in which I teach.
If you could change one thing about your classroom environment, what would it be? Students would come to my classroom understanding the value of note taking for comprehension. 
Hobbies: Fishing, boating, bicycling, interior designing, gambling, and real estate.
What is something about you that would surprise people? I used to be swing-dance instructor.
What is something you would like to learn to do? To fly a plane.
What is one of your goals? To become a CTE Administrator.
(Each month, CTEI will spotlight a member. If you have a recommendation on who we should spotlight, contact Brenda Jacobsen , Public Relations Chair.)
Professional Development Opportunities
February 5-7, 2018 The conference for IT and instructional educational professionals in Idaho.

February 15-19, 2018 Western Business Education Association the regional conference for Business and Marketing teachers, Family & Consumer Science teachers and CTE Administrators, Boise.
Officer Contact Information
Contact your Association Representative or a member of the Career & Technical Educators of Idaho Board and check-out the CTEI website .
The First Friday Flash is produced by Career Technical Educators of Idaho.
If you'd like to have something included in this monthly communication,
please contact Dr. Brenda Jacobsen , Chair of the Public Relations Committee.

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